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We provide one-on-one tutoring, both in-home and virtual, to prepare students for all levels of the SSAT and ISEE exams. 

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) and Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) continue to be crucial components of private and independent school admissions. Furthermore, these tests may be a student’s first experience with timed standardized testing. Because of this, individualized coaching has a large and meaningful impact on student performance. 

We can help you:

  • Select an exam & create a timeline
  • Outline the differences in exam formats (‘at home’, paper-based, prometric) and which format may best serve your student
  • Discuss the best methods for preparation
  • Recommend a tutor who can relate to your student
  • Most importantly, maximize your results!

Information Sessions

Applying to an Independent or Private School in the coming year? Unsure of which exam(s) are required for admissions? Join one of our FREE lunchtime virtual sessions to learn about the ISEE/SSAT exams and the current testing landscape in private school admissions.

We will discuss the levels of exams, their different formats (paper vs. computer-based), what they cover, when to take them, and how your student can prepare! 


Helping your student optimize their score

Students applying for 9-12th grade in the northeast are most often required to take the Upper Level Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT). The exam tests students in reading, verbal (vocabulary/analogies), and quantitative (math). It also includes an unscored essay. 

The SSAT is offered in paper-based and computer-based formats throughout the year, though each student can only take the test a certain number of times. We can help you organize your test dates and formats to optimize scores.


Optimizing results for younger students

Students applying for elementary or middle school (through 8th grade) are most often required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) – primary, lower, or middle level depending on their grade level. The exam tests students in reading, verbal (vocabulary/sentence completions), and quantitative (math). It also includes an unscored essay.

The ISEE is offered in paper-based and computer-based formats and can be taken once per ISEE season (August through November, December through March, and April through July). We can help you plan your testing schedule around the application cycle to optimize results.

SSAT & ISEE Offerings

All our one-on-one ISEE/SSAT tutoring programs are fully customizable, and each of our SSAT/ISEE tutors can tutor all topics covered on each level of the ISEE and SSAT. We can help your student demystify and conquer these important tests, which are unlike traditional classroom tests. After your student’s personalized tutoring, they will know exactly what to expect on test day.

Sexton Test Prep uses every practice problem your student does to identify and strengthen areas of weakness in both strategy and content. Tutors use our curriculums, practice problems, and online learning system to drill down into the finest details of your student’s performance. We do so because we want to provide the most individualized and yet comprehensive experience possible. 

We provide materials (for a one-time fee) that mirror the format of your student’s official exam. After extensive research, Ben has identified the most accurate and thorough preparation materials currently available on the market, which we use in all of our programs. 

We proudly partner with Test Innovators, a web-based software that provides practice problems, practice tests, and analytics for the SSAT and ISEE. Test Innovators partners directly with the ISEE (ERB) and SSAT (EMA) companies and has exclusive access to thousands of official test questions. 

Next Steps

We want you to be able to focus your energy on the test itself. We’ll do the planning for you! With so many test formats,  dates, and preparation materials, it can be tough to make a plan. Please contact us to get started – we’ll discuss a timeline for testing dates(s), a customized tutoring program based on your students needs, and accommodations (extra time, etc) if applicable.